“I love too often and too passionately, that is why I will never be a whole person. I’ve left too many pieces of myself with people who will never give me a second thought.”

M.B. Wells (via lifeisthefight)

It’s okay to be not okay.

I wonder why is this happen too often lately. Maybe because my mind tend to wander everywhere and leave me alone.

“I get drunk on dreams and choke on real life.”

Wolferina (via opaqueglitter)

Hmm, maybe i should start on making books like this.

“If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out
But why is the ice so cold? Why is it so cold?”

AKMU-Melted Lyric.

06/12 | 8:02

This is one of the reason i’m really careful with my action. Especially when i feel angry.

“All great and precious things are lonely.”

John Steinbeck, East of Eden (via bookmania)


do you ever just think about someone and immediately get really happy because their mere existence is a source of joy to you

❥LT loullipops